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Our community’s cultural diversity is embraced, providing quality care for infants, ages six weeks to eighteen months. The goal is to maintain a clean environment that is positive and safe so that the children will explore, learn, grow and thrive to their fullest potential. The provider pays attention to each child's individual cues and offer encouragement, affection and guidance, meeting the needs of the children in a timely manner.  As needed, the provider steps back to foster the children's independence and problem solving skills. The children are exposed to basic sign language daily, as the provider uses it to communicate with the children. In return the children will learn to use sign language as a tool to communicate effectively. The children are engaged in various indoor and outdoor sensory activities. All families and children will be treated with honesty and respect.  


The first years of a child's life are the most crucial times in developing the foundation for their future. Having early childhood education and child care experiences, the provider is able to provide a positive, safe, indoor/outdoor environments that are developmentally stimulating for the children. The various activities that the children engage in will help foster the development of the child physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and in additionally their language development. Children learn through their environments and hands-on experiences leading to self-discovery. As the children explore and interact, they will learn to problem solve, trust, build confidence and independence. There is no specific schedule and/or curriculum, as it is based around each child’s individual needs and developmental milestones, continuously changing as they grow. Some activities that are incorporated to progress their development are music, fine motor activities, gross motor activities, buggy walks in the community, art, and sensory activities. 
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